Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun fact

The boy told me this today.  I have not researched it to prove it, but he usually tends to be right about these things.  This is in relation to my Jamie Oliver post.
L-cysteine is an amino acid chain that is CONTAINED in human hair and duck feathers. The protein is extracted through hydrogenation and added to almost anything that needs to stay soft including breads and hamburger buns. There is no actual hair or feathers and the process actually makes L-cysteine an "all natural product."
So I was not incorrect.  Human hair is used to make cookie dough ice cream soft.  It just isn't the actual hair.  It's still kinda gross, although I guess less so.  Also, it worries that me that it is used in ANYTHING that needs to be kept soft.  Ewww.  Although, I guess when you think about it, we probably all ingest a decent amount of human hair during the course of our lifetimes, without any processing at all!  
The goal of this blog is to learn as much as I can about health, and to teach others what I know.  So if you have any other fun facts like this one, please feel free to share them.  It would make my day! :)

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