Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long time, no talk

Sorry about that.  This past week was Thanksgiving break.  I was not near a computer for most of it.

Thanksgiving break made me sick.  I have to work on getting better.  Which irks me because I want to work out.  I have failed miserably at doing that.  And now I can't really justify doing it, given that I keep coughing and have stuffed up sinuses.  I am tempted to do it anyways.

Also, I found out I am super behind in clinic hours.  And I have three weeks to complete them and to complete my closing argument.  So I guess I don't have a lot to do, and I will be able to successfully complete both things, but I would like to lay down instead.

AND grrr at this law school.  They allowed me to register for something that apparently was not available.  Now they can't get me into anything because the system is down.  I need to know what the plan is because I am trying to plan something.  So grrrrr.  You have one job lady, ONE, do it RIGHT! Do it not bad! :)

My puppy has to go to the vet.  She has these weird skin growths on her ears.  I don't know what they are, but I am hoping they are nothing.

Sorry that this was so rambling.  I am ill; yes, that is my excuse.  I will try and create a post that actually pertains to this blog soon.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Good friends are hard to find.  They are, in fact, almost impossible to find.  But they are incredibly important to one's emotional health.  I have been blessed with many good friends.  Some even great friends.  They are truly the things that keep me going when everything else is falling down.  When I think that I cannot survive one more day, or even one more minute, in whatever it is that I am doing, I have so many people who immediately come to my rescue it is almost overwhelming.  My goal in life is to love and be loved.  I am currently mastering that goal.

The reason I am writing this post is because my friends (and myself) are all having a hard time.  It is like the world decided that this week needed to be the WORST WEEK EVER for all of us, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.  Deadlines are approaching, things are falling apart, people are fighting (or maybe that one is just me), and things just do not want to go the way they should.  It is terrifying.  And it is also hard.  Because when everyone around you is falling down, who do you latch onto to keep from drowning? I have realized something.  Even when I feel like I am going to die, taking care of my friends is not a burden, or something I do not have the emotional energy for.  It is something that, without even thinking, I can step up and do.  It is second nature.  And the reason it is second nature?  Because they do the same for me.  Even when I can look at them and KNOW that they are drowning, and not ask for help, they step up.  They know me, and they see my need, and they answer it.  I think, aside from a few rare instances in college (my roommates my last semester there, my hall mates in Chandler, and my self-defense partner - love you guys), I have never been in a situation like that.  My friends in law school are amazing.  They are loving, kind, accepting, understanding, and just all around awesome people.  I am blessed to have them in my life.

So I guess the overall moral of the story is that good friends are hard to find.  And great ones are even rarer. But I have found them.  And I love them.  And without them, I would be nothing.  So I love you all, and you know who you are!

This post is not limited to my law school friends.  I have a few friends from other places (one of whom technically counts as a law school friend now) that are great as well! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


So, I bought this monstrosity of a blender last year for my birthday. ---------------------------------->
It is AWESOME.  Every morning my roommate and I get up, I make smoothies and she makes eggs.  We eat breakfast and chat.  We have realized that when we do this we eat better during the day.  I also have more energy.  The other thing is that it forces me to get up early, which helps me be more awake and less rushed, which in turn makes me less stressed. It is basically a good thing, all around.  This morning, I put an entire asian pear in the blender.  That's right, the WHOLE THING.  I didn't cut it, I didn't core it, I didn't do anything but drop it into the blender.  By the time the blender was done with it, it was creamy smoothie goodness.  I also added vanilla yogurt, apple juice, orange juice, and some frozen fruit.  I am drinking it as I write this.  It is delicious!! :)

I cannot seem to find time to work out.  I am going to have to do something about that.  I usually want to get up early to do it, but I can never seem to get out of bed.  Ugh, ugh.  Maybe I should try and start scheduling it in.  I mean, actually put it onto my calendar and make it an appointment that I HAVE to attend.  I might try that.

Also, sorry I have been so absent.  Everything kind of blew up recently.  I am surviving.  I have decided not to be upset/worry about things I cannot control. So far it is working well.  :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

All Saints Day

I went to church today.  It was nice. But it was also sad.  It was All Saints Day.  That is the day in a methodist church where you celebrate the lives of those who have passed.  It made me think of *J.N.  He was my brother's best friend.  The second year anniversary of his death was just a few days ago.  He died a few months after my grandfather (who died on my first day of law school).  I never knew him, but he had such a profound impact on someone I love dearly.  I thought about him and what his life meant to so many.  I almost cried.  Then the pastor started talking about writing your own obituary.  Everyday we write our own obituaries.  We chose what people will say about us when we are gone by our actions and our choices.  I thought about J's obituary.  I hope that my obituary will be as great as his.  He was a wonderful person, who in the very short span of his life, touched and changed many.  I hope that someone who barely knows me, but loves someone that I have loved, will think of me in the same way.  If I just one person does that, then I think that I will have lived a true, good, and meaningful life.  That is my goal.  To live a true, good, and meaningful life.

Onto other things.  I have decided that I need to go to church more.  I have missed church.  I have missed being in a group of people who do not judge me, who love me, and who I can just "be" with in relation to a church.  I have that with my friends, I really, really do.  But most of my friends do not believe what I do.  And that is fine.  I love them dearly, exactly as they are, and exactly as they believe.  That being said, it is also nice to be in a group of people who feel the way that I do and that don't judge me, but simply love me.  I have not had that in a church family before.  I am only in this town for a short time, and I think I need to cultivate it more.  I am going to give it a shot.  I am going to put myself out there and see what I can get back.  Here's to hoping. :)

Also, I ran into someone who I went to college with today in Waynesboro.  It was very interesting seeing him again.  He was very fun and interesting to know.  It's kind of nice to know that the world is small and that I will probably see the people that I love the most again, even if it is in the strangest places.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Argh Bargh

Life just gets in the way sometimes.

I spent twelve and a half hours at the law school yesterday.  That left no time for working out.  This saddens me greatly.  I have been at the law school for almost 8 hours today and I have plans when I get done here.  My life just took a turn for the not so fun.  But I am going to fit in working out.  If I can't make it to the gym I am going to go tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not that busy of a day.  I can listen to the review for the test I have to take while working out.  I am going to pick my favorite P90X exercises and do them over the course of the next few days.

I have been doing well with my eating.  That is an upside.  I have not put any extra weight on.  But I seriously need to get the exercising thing going.

Also, my life is boring.  So I am busy but I have nothing to write about.  So I am going to tell you about the fun/embarassing thing that happened to me on Monday.

I was stuck at the law school and it was like 10:00 p.m.  I was worried about my puppy so I called my roommate.  I wanted to see if she was home and could let her out.  I call her and this is what happens.

Woman: Speaks Korean
Me: Hello?
Woman: Speaks Korean
Me: Why are you talking to me in Korean? (Thinking in my head that I have awoken T from a nap and she is just unaware of what is happening).
Woman: Because I was just talking to Mamma in Korean.
Me: Oh, okay (cause that makes total sense, right?).  Are you home?
Woman:  You called home.
Me: In my head: Wait, Whaaaaaa? Oh crap!! Out loud: Oh my goodness.  I called the wrong number.  I was trying to call T, your sister, but I accidentally called your house! I am so sorry.
Woman (who I know know is T's sister): Oh, I was wondering why you didn't understand Korean! Alright.  I didn't realize she wasn't still using your phone.
Me: *Laughing like a crazy woman* I am so sorry.  I can't believe I did that! Sorry.
T's sister: It's okay.  Have a good night.
Me: You too.

Carefully call T and tell her the whole story.  Laugh until I cry.  Be embarrassed.  Laugh some more.

That was the highlight of my Monday night.  :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Being Sick

SUCKS.  I did not work out yesterday.  I did not go to class.  I did not go to office hours.  I did not go to work.  I did not go to the panel I wanted to go to.  I stayed in bed and wept on the inside because of the sicky-sickness I was feeling. 

I feel better today but am not sure I am up to doing P90X.  I have decided I am going to do cardio today and then going to start P90X tomorrow.  I am just going to pretend that I have worked out the past two days and start on Day 3.  I will just make the cycle an extra couple of days long.  It will all work out.

My life became stressful yesterday.  I hates it.  Truthfully I cannot complain because my friend's lives have been stressful since day one.  I have been lucky.  So I am going to keep smiling and keep plugging away.  I have the best support system in the world and I am not going to let my stress bring me down.

Also, I need to start eating better.  So far I have kept my weight off but I have been eating junk, lots and lots of junk.  I need to do better.  I am trying to come up with a plan of action.  I will let you know what I come up with. :)