Friday, October 22, 2010

Hives and LSFL

Day 5 has been strange.  I have no appetite what so ever.  Not even to eat actual food.  I am just not hungry.  I am forcing myself to complete six servings because I have to, but I have no desire too.  I am not tired either.  Just lethargic.  Oh well.  I guess it is better than being "eat your face off" hungry.  I am still weak though.  I am getting weaker and weaker with each passing day.

Also, a fantastic new side effect is that I am breaking out.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.  They are all over my face, my arms, my back, and even my legs.  Apparently, this happens.  Truthfully though, as the day has progressed, it has gotten worse and worse. I don't actually think they are regular breakouts anymore, but rather hives.  They are starting to burn too.  They are apparently a "healing episode" and should be gone by tomorrow night. At a minimum they should be clearing up. Yay? I am going to have to wear make-up for a few days.

LSFL (or Law School Football)

Every Friday during the fall there are LSFL games.  This is where the law school provides free beer and law students take out their aggression on each other in a game of two-hand touch.  There have been some pretty severe injuries this year.  Like one girl lost her two front teeth.  Yeah, that serious.  I love it! (No, not her injury).  I love football in general (GO GIANTS), but I especially love playing LSFL.  Because of the cleanse I did not play today.  I didn't want to pass out from the lack of calories.  My team is the Rum Runners.  Every beautiful woman, minus one, in my pictures is on this team.  The minus one is still a beautiful woman! :)  This means my team is amazing.  We drink rum based beverages and run around the field making fools of ourselves.  It's wonderful! The other teams love us so much that they aren't terribly competitive with us.  Take today for instance:

It's the last play of the game.  Our QB throws a hail mary.  The other team picks it off.  The "receiver"     then passes the ball to one of the girls on my team and she runs it into the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN!

It was the only touchdown we got.  So instead of shutting us out, they let us score.  It was nice of them.  It is also exactly why I love LSFL.  Most of the time, if you play for fun, it brings out the best in people.  If you don't play for fun, and like everything else in your life you take it to seriously and suck the fun out, well then it brings out your bad side.  But that's to be expected!

We go to the toilet bowl next.  This is the round where the two worst teams in the league play against each other.  I am planning to bring rum based drinks that look like toilet bowl water.  It should be awesome.

Anyways, I am going to try to sleep through all this crazy burning and itching that is currently located on my face.  I am crossing my fingers that it has at least abated some when I wake up.

Good night all.

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  1. I love the section about LSFL! You and I love it for the exact same reasons... and the commentary on LSFL is totally applicable to life in general.