Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy, busy day

Yesterday was a bit crazy. 

I counted my calories around 4:30 and realized that I had, in fact, only eaten about 600 calories.  I had been awake since 8:00 a.m.  I decided to make baked chicken to get more calories (and to eat delicious protein).  R taught me how to make baked chicken.  You take a chicken breast (which is, of course, cage free, no steroids, etc.) and you place it in a tin foil boat.  Then you pour BBQ sauce (or Italian dressing or whatever other marinade you would like) over top of the chicken.  Then you close the boat.  Place the boat into a baking dish and place in a preheated (375) oven.  Bake twenty five to thirty minutes and then take them out.  Then enjoy.  T made a salad to go with the chicken.  It was delicious!!  Then my wonderful boyfriend brought me a surprise - PUMPKIN ICE CREAM.  I was so flipping excited I actually jumped up and down.  I love PUMPKIN and I love ICE CREAM.  So the two of them together literally made my night. 

After dinner T and I went to poker.  Poker is held at the lovely Mrs. B's house. Her husband hosts the game and most of our friends get together to play.  I was the dealer this game.  I like to be involved in the game but I am too cheap to pay the buy-in.  Haha. I am fairly good at keeping things straight.

There is some discussion of going to the rally in DC tomorrow.  I am not sure I am going to go.  If any of my friends who couldn't ride out with the big group decide to go, then I might, but right now I still have a paper to write. 

Speaking of the paper, I am going to go write it.  Hopefully it will be fascinating! :)

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