Sunday, November 7, 2010

All Saints Day

I went to church today.  It was nice. But it was also sad.  It was All Saints Day.  That is the day in a methodist church where you celebrate the lives of those who have passed.  It made me think of *J.N.  He was my brother's best friend.  The second year anniversary of his death was just a few days ago.  He died a few months after my grandfather (who died on my first day of law school).  I never knew him, but he had such a profound impact on someone I love dearly.  I thought about him and what his life meant to so many.  I almost cried.  Then the pastor started talking about writing your own obituary.  Everyday we write our own obituaries.  We chose what people will say about us when we are gone by our actions and our choices.  I thought about J's obituary.  I hope that my obituary will be as great as his.  He was a wonderful person, who in the very short span of his life, touched and changed many.  I hope that someone who barely knows me, but loves someone that I have loved, will think of me in the same way.  If I just one person does that, then I think that I will have lived a true, good, and meaningful life.  That is my goal.  To live a true, good, and meaningful life.

Onto other things.  I have decided that I need to go to church more.  I have missed church.  I have missed being in a group of people who do not judge me, who love me, and who I can just "be" with in relation to a church.  I have that with my friends, I really, really do.  But most of my friends do not believe what I do.  And that is fine.  I love them dearly, exactly as they are, and exactly as they believe.  That being said, it is also nice to be in a group of people who feel the way that I do and that don't judge me, but simply love me.  I have not had that in a church family before.  I am only in this town for a short time, and I think I need to cultivate it more.  I am going to give it a shot.  I am going to put myself out there and see what I can get back.  Here's to hoping. :)

Also, I ran into someone who I went to college with today in Waynesboro.  It was very interesting seeing him again.  He was very fun and interesting to know.  It's kind of nice to know that the world is small and that I will probably see the people that I love the most again, even if it is in the strangest places.

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