Thursday, April 21, 2011

Viva la Revolution and Hockey?

I watched the second episode of Jamie Oliver's food revolution.  I did not learn anything quite as informative as I did last time but it is still a wonderful show.  I am unsure what the LA school system is trying to hide but they are certainly putting everything they have into keeping Jamie out.  My favorite part of the episode relates to Jamie trying to take over a fast food joint.  The owner says that Jamie wont be able to sell his burgers.  So Jamie creates some awesome sounding recipes and prepares them for people on the street.  The best part, he doesn't charge anyone.  He lets them pay what they thinks the burgers are worth.  It's brilliant.  He then starts selling them at the restaurant.  And people loved them! Cause let me tell you, people are not willing to give up their convenience but if convenience and health could be combined, most people would be willing to do it.  That is what Jamie is trying to do.  I am behind him all the way.  I love this show! I feel like I have said that already, but seriously, it is amazing.  Watch it on hulu.  It's worth the time.

Let's go FLYERS! Let's go FLYERS! Let's GO!

Yeahhhhhh.  Apparently I watch hockey now.  The Italian is obsessed with all sports things related to Philadelphia.  This creates some pretty serious conflict between us when we are in football season.  I bleed blue and he is an Eagles fan.  But I had no interest in hockey.  I did not, and truthfully don't now, really care about it.  The Flyers were playing Monday and I wanted to play pool at a local restaurant.  I had to get the Italian to come, so I volunteered to wear a Flyers' jersey if he came.  They won.  So now my superstitious friend wants me to keep wearing my jersey during game time, because it is the playoffs. So apparently I watch hockey now.  Oh well.  The Flyers will win the Stanley Cup and my friend will be super duper happy! Yay!

I am sure he is annoyed with me.  I don't understand anything about hockey or the rules.  So the entire game I am constantly like, what is that? why did that happen? wait, that's not allowed, right?!  But he is patient, which is nice.  And because I have some experience with other sports, it doesn't take me long to figure out the rules.  But hockey looks complicated to me.  I don't know, maybe it is because of all the physicality of it.  I get lost in the beatings.  Haha.

So, life is good right now.  I have to write a paper and read a book.  And then I am officially done with law school.  Or school at all for that matter! WOOT WOOT!  Then I have to do some housekeeping stuff and it is all about hanging out with my friends and making as many memories as we can before we disperse.  I don't want to leave them, but I am excited about the next step in my life.  Speaking of which, I applied to the NY bar yesterday! Come August of this year I will be a real, live lawyer.  Scary, I know! :)

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