Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Law School

Is ending! I am both excited and depressed about this fact.  My last "class" occurred Monday.  It is a strange feeling.  I am excited about being done with my obligations for purposes of this phase of my life but I am not excited about saying goodbye.  At least I get to take my best friend with my to New York!! That is exciting.

This weekend I hung out with my bestie and Ms. BH.  We went to Ms. Rowe's and got pie.  Now, that may not sound like that is something that awesome to you but it is AWESOME.  This pie has been rated as one of the top ten pies in the NATION.  And my oh my was it GOOD.  This is a picture:

Nom nom nom nom noooooooooom.

Then we rented a movie and bought two bottles of wine.  We watched Up in the Air.

SUCH a good movie.  It also got me thinking.  There is a portion of this movie where Ryan (George Clooney) gives this speech about "What's in Your Backpack?"  He asks a question that was asked last week in Church.  Although he asks it differently, the jist of the situation is: if your house caught on fire (or your backpack) what would you try and save?

I hope this didn't take you too long.  Cause you actually only have a split second.  For me, it's my roommate, my puppies, and if I have time, a flag given to me by my assistant principal.  It is from the Spanish Indian war and is framed in a frame made from the floor boards of John Marshall's home.  It is literally irreplaceable.  Everything else in my house could burn.  It would suck, and starting over would be terrible, but as long as all the people were okay, then it would be fine.  As my dad always said, people are people and are irreplaceable, things are things and you can always get new things.  Don't cry over things that can't cry over you.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my things.  I really really do.  But I love my people more.  I know that I can get through anything.  And the horrible truth is that as a human being, I can get through absolutely anything COMPLETELY alone.  Humans have strong survival instincts. It's what we do.  We can lose everything, including all the people who know and love, and survive.  We create new relationships and we become close to new people.  I know I can survive anything.  I also know that my life would not be as complete as it is if the people in it were not here.  I can survive without a single material thing, as long as I have these people surrounding me.  I can be anything as long as these people believe in me.  And that is what I kept thinking during the movie - when Ryan speaks about how your relationships are the heaviest thing you carry with you in your life, I realized he is right.  But not in the way that he thinks he is. Relationships can be both the heaviest thing you carry and the easiest.  If they are good, they are sturdy.  Sturdy and solid.  Sometimes they need you and sometimes you need them.  They support you and help you grow.  I love all my relationships, both past and present.

I went to trivia last night.  We WON! Pray for Mojo FTW! We won both the deserts and the gift certificate.  It was awesome! :)  If you are in the area, you should go, cause it is amazing!

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  1. We overturned the Furious Five? AWESOME - can't wait to be back so I can join!