Thursday, April 7, 2011


So on Monday I started the Raw Food Cleanse.  It is basically you can only eat raw fruits and vegetables.  You make smoothies, and the green ones are so disgusting, and eat raw fruits and vegetables.  I was planning on doing it for a week but I had to stop yesterday. 

Embarrassing story:
My clinic went to the Roanoke Department of Forensic Science as a "field trip."  We are walking around the lab, getting a tour, learning lots of new stuff, and I start to feel terrible.  Wave after wave of cold and then hot.  Then I realize what is happening, I am about to pass out.  I pull my friend to the side and I tell her that I am getting ready to pass out and that if I start going down I need her to catch me.  She has some string cheese which she hands me.  I had to make a decision - eat the string cheese and hopefully don't pass out, or don't eat it and absolutely pass out.  So I ate it.  I ate it sitting down in the hallway in front of the tour guide and my entire clinic.  They all kept looking at me and it made me a bit uncomfortable.  It was embarrassing knowing that I am about to pass out in front of everyone.  It helped a teeny bit but not a lot.  So when we went out to lunch, given that I didn't have enough to eat with me, I had to eat lunch.  So I quit the cleanse.

That makes me sad. I really wanted to do a cleanse.  But now I have to get serious about working out and eating healthy.  I weigh about what I weighed before spring break but I would like to lose a bit more weight.  I am going to start working out this week and then get back into my regiment on Monday.

Onto other news - I am graduating exactly a month from today! Yay! Then its onto spending time with my friends, family vacation, bar studying and apartment hunting.  Woot woot! Life is good.

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