Monday, April 11, 2011


This morning my clinic went to the Augusta County Correctional Facility.  My fearless leader did not tell us that we needed IDs and apparently I am the only person who does not carry their driver's license with them everywhere they go.  So I got to sit outside in the minivan (because my fearless leader drives a minivan) and read a magazine pointed at defense attorneys.  When I finished that, I played angry birds on my friend's phone.  It was beautiful outside and I was actually very happy to sit in the sun and read.  I was not personally violated by the female officer to ensure that I was not trying to smuggle something into my illicit jailed lover.  So overall it was a pretty good morning.  The articles were actually significantly more interesting than I expected.

The first article I read was about gun shot trajectory and how the science behind it saved someone's life.  It was a fascinating article about a man who was attacked by a member of the Bandidos biker gang.  Apparently these guys are some pretty bad dudes.  The defendant shot him to defend himself.  The prosecutor, who was afraid of the biker gang (again, pretty bad dudes), charged him with involuntary manslaughter.  The defendant's sister-in-law, the dead gang member's girlfriend, testified that her boyfriend struck the defendant and then start to walk away.  The defendant pulled his gun, shot the boyfriend, paused, and then shot him again.  The defendant, and the evidence, told a very different story.

The defendant's story, and the one supported by the evidence, was that the Bandido gang member attacked the defendant and as he was be attacked, he pulled his gun and shot the gang member twice, firing three shots.  The second shot was immediately fatal.  It was fascinating to learn that the prosecution, even presented with this evidence, and knowing that none of their evidence disproved the defendant's claim, or even really proved their claim, still prosecuted him.  Thankfully the jury did the right thing and acquitted the defendant.

The second article I read was about a woman who was falsely accused of molesting her students, who were children.  I did not like the tone of the article, because it called the children "little accusers" and basically made them and their parents out to be dirty, lying people out to get this woman.  It is possible that the parents were, but the children cannot be blamed for their parents.  The article was good, and I got the thought process behind it, but I thought it was poorly written.

I also read a few book reviews.  One of them sounds fascinating and I am contemplating buying it to read it.  It is $14 and part of me is hesitant because I don't want it to be bad.  I may buy it because it could help with my paper for clinic.  I will let you know more later, depending on what I decide.

After reading almost the entire magazine I played Angry Birds Rio on my friend's phone.  It is pretty awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I came home and got it on my own phone!

As a weird, non-related, side note - yesterday in church our guest pastor (who is also my host family "granddad") said that the other guest pastor (yes we had two yesterday) was from Florida - "or as we like to call it, God's waiting room."  So I wanted to share that with everyone, but mostly *E and The Italian.  We should totally all buy that house and move to FL together.  It could be spring break 2011 FOREVER! :)

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