Saturday, March 26, 2011

Long time... talk.

What up blogging world?  I am so bad at this updating thing, you would almost think I don't have a blog.

On the fitness front: I have been TERRIBLE.  I tried to work out during my spring break (which was the second week of March) and succeeded four of the eight days we were gone.  I tried to make a post from my phone on the way home but it did not work.  Anyways, one of my friends, The Italian, worked out with me most of the days.  It was pretty fun.  Since coming back for spring break (the past two weeks), I have failed miserably.  I am averaging maybe three days of exercise a week, if I am lucky.  My plan is to fully jump back on the bandwagon this coming Monday.

Personal front: Spring break/awesome friends/puppy time/getting to see the boyfriend again have all helped to bring me out of my slump.  The Italian and I made dinner one of the nights we were in Florida and we each drank a bottle of wine while cooking.  We then proceeded to be partners in a game of bang and drink adult chocolate milk (introduced to me by the Italian).  This was just one of many epic nights in Florida.  I truly love my friends and am oh so very blessed to have them.

Odd comment front: A girl I met in college, and have remained friends with on facebook, got married yesterday.  I am super happy for her, she looks happy in all of her pictures and he seems to love her very much.  But that isn't what my comment is about.  R and I have been talking about getting married lately and everyone I know that is in the process of getting or already married keeps telling me that my wedding isn't for me, its for everyone else.  I am firmly against this.  I want my wedding day to be what I want it to be and not what everyone else thinks it should be.  That is why I admire this girl so much.  She married into the military and was forced to move her wedding date up 8 months due to some military stuff.  I saw her wedding album today and she got married in a purple dress with the cutest red high heels.  She had a small ceremony, with none of the traditional stuff, and looks incredibly happy in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE.  I have been in two weddings, and been to more, and have seen wedding pictures where the couple is clearing unhappy with what is happening but are obliging their families.  It is nice to see someone who wants their family to be happy (I am of course assuming this given what I know of her from school) but is still willing to exert themselves and have their day the way they want it.  So, anyways - congratulations to the newlyweds, may everything in your new life be exactly as you hope it will be.

Miscellaneous Life Front: Still planning to move to New York.  Still graduating in May.  Still drowning in school work.  Still just trying to make it to the finish line, only to start the next race. :)

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