Sunday, March 27, 2011

Church and Basketball

I went to church this morning.  I didn't realize how much I have missed being in church until this morning. I think that the part that I enjoy most about this church is the fellowship and friendship that every single one of the members displays to everyone.  There were guests today and people came from other parts of the church to make sure that the guests felt welcome.  That is a rare occasion anywhere, but it especially surprises me in a church.  I know that may sound odd to people but in my experience churches are the biggest clique I have ever encountered.  And as we all know, trying to become a member of an already established group is one of the hardest things in life.  This church makes a point of welcoming people and making sure that they know that their presence is noticed and appreciated.  The other great thing about this church is the new pastor.  He is so wonderful.  He is charismatic, funny, intelligent, and a great public speaker.  His sermons are always interesting and never long.  He truly is a great man.

I know that church and basketball don't usually go together but we watched the VCU v. Kansas game after church today. We watched it because we are from Virginia and we enjoy watching Virginia teams.  So, GO RAMS! Final Four.  (Also, I realize that if you know me it is surprising that I watch basketball.  I started with the boy's school team and started to sort of enjoy it.  It can be pretty interesting.)

Anyways, back to working out tomorrow.  I am also going back to monitoring what I eat.  I stopped during spring break and I need to start again.  I know I feel better when I eat better.  So my goal is to gradually get back to where I was before spring break both in eating and working out.  Wish me luck!

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