Monday, November 7, 2011

Missed a day


I am grateful for my mom.  Today she came up to visit me and to go dress shopping with me.  She paid for my wedding dress!! It will be here on February 20, 2012.  I am so flipping excited.  I am grateful for her for so many more reasons than just this one.  It is just a perfect example of how lucky I am to have my mother.  She is an amazing, beautiful, strong, loving, intelligent person who has molded me into everything I am.  No matter how bad her day has been she will listen to me whine about the insignificant things happening in my life.  She is willing to do whatever I need, with no question of the cost to herself.  She is an epic woman and I am blessed to call her mommy.  I love you!!

I am also grateful for late night talks.  They always make things seem less terrible.  Tomorrow is always a new day, and no matter what, I know that I never have to face the challenges that are waiting for me alone.  There is also someone there who is willing to reach out and take my hand.  I am so blessed to have my life filled with such wonderful and caring people.  I wouldn't be able to survive without them.

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