Thursday, August 4, 2011

And We're Back...

So my life has been absolutely insane!  I have taken the NY bar (I wont find out if I passed until sometime in late October, early November).  I am looking at moving to NY, looking for a job, and trying to catch up on all the things I failed to do while studying for the bar.

The truth is that my life has been pretty boring.  I have been doing work that got neglected while I was studying and I have been spending as much time with the boy as possible.  He leaves to go back to school here soon and I don't want to have to say goodbye.  It will mean that I wont see him again for a couple of months.  Just the thought makes me want to cry.  But we will make it.  We always have.

I am working on getting better (I fell down some stairs yesterday) so that I can get my exercise back on track.  During bar studying I ate like crap, didn't exercise, and barely slept.  So I am trying to remedy two of those three things (the eating and sleeping) so that I can get back on the exercise routines starting on Monday.  I was doing pretty good with my physical therapy (which was sort of a "mini-exercise" everyday) until about two weeks before the bar.  Then I put that on hold to study.  I went back yesterday to start again and then immediately preceded to fall down a flight of stairs.  So now my PT is on hold until the swelling in my knee goes down.  No worries, I was not seriously injured, only bruised.  This is not like the last time I fell UP the stairs and ended up in the hospital.  I am the biggest klutz ever.  :)

So, sorry that my first new post is super short, but I really have nothing else of interest to say.

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